Express Service Centre in Dammam

It has been one year since AVK Saudi Valves Manufacturing Company Ltd opened their first service centre in Riyadh, the central region. 05-04-2016

With the opening of the Riyadh express service centre, customers found it easier to obtain AVK products. Customers were also able to talk to the AVK sales team about the products and choose according to their needs. To further improve customer service, in March 2016, AVK SVMC has opened a new service centre in Dammam. The opening ceremony took place on February 27th, 2016. It was inaugurated by Mr. Niels Kjaer, the owner and founder of AVK international, including Ole Hedegaard, Managing Director of AVK Middle East, Mads Helge, Director of Sales and Marketing of AVK SVMC and the Eastern region sales team.

"AVK Saudi valves has taken this decision to bring the products closer to the customers by increasing their accessibility to them, especially for the big customers such as ARAMCO which is one of the biggest customers for AVK, Ministries, and other water Authorities. Additionally, AVK wants to fulfil the market requirements besides increasing the appearance of the company in one of the biggest regions in Saudi Arabia" says Mads Helge

The express service centre in Dammam facilitates the sales activities for the Eastern region by having a complete sales department with an expert team. Furthermore, there is a vast warehouse which has more than 370 square meters holding local stock for the fast moving products and emergency stock. There is also a training facility which aims to train customers on how to use the products as well as servicing them. The employment strategy of AVK SVMC is to increase Saudization by giving more opportunities to Saudi females specifically and to focus on their development in the private sector workforce. As a result, AVK has prepared a service department with an appropriate work environment in the new service centre, which will be fully operated by Saudi females. This will be similar to the Saudi females department the company already has in the Jeddah head office.

AVK SVMC is planning to expand its business by opening more express service centres in various regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, AVK SVMC wants to expand locations and increase their customer base with an aim of making the distribution of its products and services easier and more effective.