Jeddah Factory Expansion 2014

Opening Ceremony Celebrates 30 Years of Local Production 02-08-2014

It’s been a long journey, which wasn’t always smooth sailing, since AVK decided to establish a local factory in Saudi Arabia in 1985 to serve the increasing growth in demand for high quality valves and fire hydrants.

In the early days, AVK was just starting up and expanded from a mini workshop into a small company with goals of becoming an international player. The founder, Mr. Kjaer, together with a few skilled hand craftsmen formed AVK.

After a meeting with Essa Bin Laden, it was suggested that AVK establishes a business platform in Saudi Arabia which resulted in a factory being built. This factory is now considered the industrial zone in Jeddah. During those days, AVK Saudi Valves Manufacturing was the first and only company in the area.

"It was difficult, but we at AVK have always accepted challenges. We are used to being pioneers and forced to set new standards," says Mr. Kjaer.

Over the years, AVK expanded into a full-fledged factory which complied with the latest and strict quality standards of AVK internationally. The company outgrew the local capacity several times, resulting in an increase in additional investments in production capacity and staff. Additionally, there has always been a strong commitment from AVK to Saudi Arabia. Recently, a massive investment was made by AVK to double the local coating capacity with the latest and modern technology.

"Our journey has just begun and we have long term plans for the country. We are constantly focusing our effort to be a leading player globally, and at the same time increase our local footprint through giving career opportunities to young skilled Saudi talents. Today, we are the largest manufacturer in the Middle East with a strong position in many areas of the Kingdom, but we are in the process of implementing new initiatives that will increase our ability to serve our customers better and faster in the future," says Mr. Hedegaard, Managing Director Saudi.

Local Expertise

Starting from January, AVK will open a new Service Centre on Al Ihsa road in Riyadh, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. The Service Centre will facilitate the central region office and will contain training facilities for our customers and consultants. Local stock of fast moving products will be sold directly to retail customers.

"We have analyzed the market and found that customers have a need for quick access to smaller quantities, which is required on an emergency basis. Likewise, we want the customers to be served by our internal experts, that have product knowledge, which they do not always find when buying from the traditional traders in the market," says Mads Helge, National Sales & Marketing Manager.

"We want to get closer to our customers and improve our service. Our vision is to have a Kingdom wide coverage with Service Centres. This will strengthen our position as the largest manufacturer of high quality products in Saudi Arabia. We want it to be easy making business with AVK," he continues.

The Service Centre, which is located conveniently near the Plumber Market, will also operate as a distribution point for smaller shipments coming from the Jeddah factory to Riyadh based customers. The Service Centre is easy to access and has good parking facilities. AVK looks forward to welcoming all their customers and partners in their new Riyadh facility.