AVK SVMC is proud to once again, being part of IKTVA 2022 Forum & Exhibition.

The “In Kingdom Total Value Add” (IKTVA) program, is created by Saudi Aramco to measure and support increased levels of localization in the Kingdom. 23-01-2022

IKTVA has become one of the Kingdom’s most significant and vital strategic programs, focused on modifying the energy sector and creating a world-class supply chain. The key areas of progress are the effects there will be on individuals' lives, creating jobs, empowering learning, expanding career options, and furthermore upgrading the Saudi business environment.

The theme for the 2022 IKTVA event is, “Paving the way to economic success”, with “Future readiness forged from localization". This event, which is the 7th annual IKTVA celebration, will take our success story even further forward, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategic economic framework.

AVK Saudi has invested 20 million Saudi Riyals in building a new factory in Jeddah, to localize multiple products, such as fabricated fittings and our Butterfly valves in various models, which can be used in various applications. This means, that we provide different valve designs available in different materials, that gives you all the options you need for your application. AVK has the right option you need.

Since AVK Saudi inaugurated the new factory in Jeddah, for production of butterfly valves and fabricated fittings last year, the focus has been on ensuring that the factory and products are approved and listed with the main water authorities and end-users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

AVK SVMC now manufactures a huge range of valves and fire hydrants locally, that meets the international and local standards. These products have received the approval of all major customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as Saudi Aramco, Ministries, National Water Company, Water Directorates, Royal commission, and many others. We export our products to all GCC countries, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.

As AVK is one of the first companies, to support and contribute to increase the local content and water sustainability, we are proud to be part of IKTVA. This, also provide us an opportunity to meet our loyal and new customers, and to demonstrate AVK’s achievements and commitment, towards increasing the local content. Thereby becoming an important contributor to the goals of Saudi Arabia's vision 2030.




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