ARAMCO Valves Day

On May 2nd, 2017, AVK Saudi Valves Manufacturing Company attended the ARAMCO Valves Day at Al-Midra Tower in Dhahran. 20-09-2017

During the event, AVK and the Consulting Services Department (CSD) from ARAMCO, demonstrated the importance of valves that are used in ARAMCO facilities. Various types of valves were showcased such as valves used in upstream high-pressure, high protection integrity valves, downstream gate, globe and check, pipeline ball valves and low pressure fire water valves. The showcase was commenced by Abdullah O. Al Baiz, vice president of Engineering Services, and Salem A. Al Huraish, manager of CSD.

Sharing Knowledge, Increasing Awareness

"Ahmad A. Al Zamil, head of the Static Equipment Division, opened the showcase inauguration tour by emphasizing that the objective of the showcase was to share knowledge and increase awareness of valves’ functional and technical aspects due to their critical function in Saudi ARAMCO facilities. He further noted that CSD, in line with the company’s direction to support the local content, collaborated with approved local manufacturers to be a part of this event by supplying production samples and presenting current manufacturing capabilities and future expansion plans. He added that the local manufacturers have technical partnerships with best-in-class international manufacturers to transfer high-value knowledge and manufacturing capabilities.

Saad M. Al-Shiha, a valve engineering consultant, presented the various types of valves and their vast applications, which is not limited to the oil and gas industry. Noting that even the human body has a critical valves system to control blood flow through the heart, Al-Shiha stressed that failure of the valve to function can lead to catastrophic failure, citing the Space Shuttle Challenger as an example."

Reported by The Arabian Sun (Saudi ARAMCO’s weekly internal publication)