Expect... AVK

Doing business with AVK is getting a share of our know-how, expertise and dedication. And as a global leader, it is our obligation to keep pushing the boundaries of what the market can expect.

In our business, five cornerstones must be in place in order to meet customer expectations: Quality, reliability, innovation, sustainability and customer service.

But we need to go further than that. We go further to exceed our customers' needs and expectations.

"Expect...AVK" means that our customers should rightfully expect us to exceed market standards. "Expect...AVK" means that we relentlessly strive for increased customer benefits!

To ensure that we keep pushing the boundaries of what our customers can expect, we relentlessly strive for increased benefits of doing business with AVK. To declare our efforts, our daily work is based on eight promises to our customers - and just as much to ourselves:  

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