Expect solutions, not just products

Each customer has unique needs. Some of them are covered by our standard products, while others are so complex that they require a customised solution. Either way, it takes dedicated expertise to choose the right solution and achieve the highest quality - all at the best price.

How do we deliver this promise? 

The difference between selling a product and a solution is expertise. AVK is one of the leading experts when it comes to valves, hydrants, fittings and accessories.

To choose the right solution for our customers, we need to be closely involved in the entire specification and implementation process. The more insight to these processes, the better the solution will be, saving both time and long-term costs.

AVK is the only global leader in the industry capable of both designing unique solutions and manufacturing them. We will strive to be acknowledged as the supplier that adds the most value to the full solution, from specification to installation and after-sales service. 

AVK promises: