Local Factory

In 2019, AVK decided to invest 20 million Saudi Riyals in building a new factory in Jeddah.

One of the most important goal of this decision is to further strengthen the local presence either  through producing products that used to be imported or through buying raw materials locally, This step has affected one way or another on improving the efficiency and the quality of local manufacturing to the stage until it competes with global manufacturers. The need for local content crystalized during the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused all supply chain processes to suffer immensely across the globe, therefore securing our supply chain became vitally important for our local content.

In our new factory, we localized multiple products. One of the most important products that we localized is Butterfly valve with various types, which can be utilized in different applications. The butterfly valve is differentiated with its simple design, which requires small space while installation, it’s light weight, and it is more cost efficient compared to other types of valves, AVK provides one of the largest collections of butterfly valves which fulfill the needs of our customers, this means, we provide different valves designs in addition to different materials for each type with several options for these valves actuators whether it is Pneumatic, Manual or Electric. If your application requires a butterfly valve then AVK has the right valve you need.

Our factory is not limited to producing butterfly valve only. We also locally produce pipe fittings and dismantling joints in different design and sizes to help you install and maintain the valve in an easy and faster way by providing leakage maintenance services 24/7. Localizing the production of these valves has empowered us provide solutions to satisfy our customer needs in less time and high quality.

AVK SVMC manufactures a wide range of valves and fire hydrants locally that meets the international and local standards. These products have received the approval of all major customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as Saudi Aramco, Ministries; National Water Company, Water Directorates, Royal commission, and many others. We export our products to all GCC countries, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In AVK SVMC, we hire and develop Saudi talents, which improved the percentage of Saudization to more than 40%. Additionally. We have localized some of the managerial roles inside the company through talents that grew and developed here through intensive training programs and giving them the opportunities to become a future leader in different fields with that, we have reached 60% of Saudization on managerial positions. This factory has not only increased the local content but vastly improved the job opportunities for the Saudi Youth within the valves manufacturing industry.


Local Factory

In our new factory, we localized multiple products, One of the most important products that we localized is Butterfly valve with various types,
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