Mains to Meter

AVK SVMC is pleased to announce the launch of a new product package called Mains to Meter (M2M). 14-09-2018

The package offers a comprehensive range of products for house connection services starting from the water mains and intermediate connections to the water meter box. All the products in the package have been designed with high consistent quality and long-term solutions considering the various requirements of each region in the kingdom. 
The new Water Meter Box (WMB), an extraordinary product from the M2M package, has been developed to meet the harshest environmental conditions. In addition, the innovated features that have been added to the AVK WMB design makes it superior compared to the other water meter boxes in the market.  

Box Features : 

• Can withstand harsh environment.
• Polypropylene SABIC grade materials.
• Better AMR / AMI Data Transmission.
• Dust and weather proof.
• High temperature resistance.
• UV-resistant.
• High impact resistance.
• Lockable design with universal key.
• Customer logo optional.
• Various mounting orientations.
• Easy maintenance due to releasable cable ties.
• Universal plug for multiple pipe sizes.
• Reading glass cover ensures clean and transparent glass always.
• Quality housing without flashes, burrs or sharp edges.
• Flexible positioning of brackets.

The M2M package that AVK SVMC developed gathers all the required products for house connection services in one place.

Download the brochure below to know more details about AVK SVMC M2M



Mains To Meters

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