Fire Hydrants Cover

Following our promise Expect Solutions not Just Products, AVK Saudi in coordination with Aramco Fire Department have developed a new product called Fire Hydrant Cover. 20-09-2017

Aramco Fire Department approached AVK Saudi Product Development Team for support regarding a challenge with Fire Hydrants installed in gardens and residential areas where these hydrants get sprayed with irrigation water a couple of times daily. The irrigation water causing the Hydrants coating to start failing after a period where the iron will be exposed and start to corrode creating a high risk of hydrant failure at the future.

AVK Saudi had proposed a cover to protect the hydrant from irrigation water sprays. The cover can be tightened from at the bottom to stay in place while keeping in consideration that it should be removed easily in case of emergency. A sample has been submitted for field test and got approved by Aramco Fire Department.


The product is listed in Aramco system with 9CAT number (MN 1001004725 and MN 1001004724) and first order has been delivered and installed.

There are two types of covers:

1-      Red color with “FIRE HYDRANT” text and a picture of the hydrant, for hydrant protection from irrigation water spray.

2-      Yellow color with “OUT OF SERVICE” text, for visual indication that the equipment cannot be used and needs repair.

AVK Saudi is proud about this product and looks forward to provide more solutions to Aramco and other clients in the local market.