Value in Every Drop, Stop Water Loss

Huge volumes of clean water are lost through leaks and overflows, and are not accounted for due to metering inaccuracies at consumers and illegal connections (theft). In many parts of the world this results in far more extraction than needed, and limited water resources are being over-exploited.

Non Revenue Water (NRW)

Water that has been produced and is "lost" before it reaches the customer. Losses can be real losses through leaks, sometimes also referred to as physical losses, or apparent losses for example through theft or metering inaccuracies


The most problematic leakages are those that are not visible on the surface. The reason for the leakages can be the below mentioned reasons or combination of them.
- Water hammer and poor water pressure management
- Bad quality of equipment such as valves, joins, connections and pipes
- Deterioration of the distribution system
- Poor workmanship such as bad welding or wrong handling during laying of the pipes
- Corrosion of material due to acid soil condition
- Settings or movements in the soil
- Load from heavy traffic or construction work
- Frost settings in the soil
- Drying out of the soil
- Earthquake
- Illegal connections from water thieves
- Accident done by contractors during construction work

AVK offers various solutions for reduction of water loss in the water distribution network. So far, we have primarily described leakage monitoring and reduction of leakage by recommending high-quality and long lasting valves. But another solution - which AVK is also able to be part of - is pressure management.

Products AVK offers for

Series 861 - Air Valves

1- Series 861/11 - Anti-Water Hammer Combination Air Valves (AS)
Ensure the proper operation of the pipeline network allowing the release of air pockets during working conditions, the entrance of large volumes of air during draining operations and pipeline bursts and the air discharge with controlled speed, to prevent water hammer.

2- Series 861/12 - Anti Surge Combination Air Valves (RFP)
Designed to allow the release of air pockets accumulated in working conditions, the entrance of large volumes of air in case of pipe draining or bursts and to prevent pipeline damages coming from pressure transients, associated with high air outflow velocities



Series 859 - Control Valves

Pressure Reducing Control Valves automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure regardless of changes in flow rate or inlet pressure.

Pressure Sustaining/Relief Control Valves automatically maintain a minimum preset inlet pressure by relieving excess pressure, regardless of changes in flow rate.

Functions of AVK Control Valves:
- Pressure Management
- Pressure Control
- Level Control
- Flow Control
- Pump Control


Non-Revenue Water

In the long run, a sustainable approach to clean water supply does not cost money – it saves money, for utilities as well as for consumers.