AVK Express Service

The term “Express Service” refers to providing products and support to the customers directly when they are needed within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What is Express Service?

The term “Express Service” refers to providing products and support to the customers directly when they are needed within 24 hours, 7 days a week.In accordance with one of AVK’s promises, Expect Prompt Response.

The service includes Express Service Centres & Leakage Repair Service.The main aim of AVK’s Express Service is to handle the clients’ daily requirements and solve their urgent issues by providing them with the needed products and support especially when a pipe leakage, pipe breakage or valve damage occurs.

In order to be closer to customers and to increase the speed of response and service, AVK has four centres distributed around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in major cities, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Buraidah. These centres contain sales offices, showrooms of AVK products, and are well prepared and equipped to receive customers daily as well as provide training about AVK products. Add to that, stock of products is available in order to fulfil customersrequirements immediately. In case the customer is unable to reach the shop or encountered a problem at the site that requires an urgent solution.

Leakage Repair Service is a well-equipped fleet of vans that operate 24/7. With these vans, AVK will be able to provide the necessary requirements to any location in the Kingdom, even in very far away areas and villages.

The initiative has been very well received by the local water authorities who appreciate the service and fast response from AVK. It also means that AVK SVMC can attend service on site within a few hours with skilled and competent employees, not only for leakage repair but also control valve (series 859) settings, actuator issues etc. AVK SVMC has vans in each city fully  equipped with products and tools to repair pipes of up to DN 1200 and to perform general service on its products. The service is widely used not only by the water authorities; maintenance contractors have also become frequent users of our service.

AVK SVMC strategy is to roll out this service to all regions of Saudi Arabia to be close to the customers, to understand and help solve their problems and emergencies. AVK SVMC wants to remain the customers’ preferred valves and fittings provider.


AVK Repair Box

AVK’s repair box is an easy, quick and flexible solution for emergency repair of damaged pipes.


Express Service

Express Service
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