AVK Saudi Training Sessions

As part of our continued investment program, we are working in collaboration with our clients to provide product training. We believe that knowledge is power, and at AVK Saudi, it is our mission to enhance the knowledge about our top-quality valves. 28-11-2023

To achieve this goal, we recently organized technical training session in Tabuk. This session was specifically designed to provide training to our valued clients in the National Water Company (NWC). By working closely with the NWC, we aim to further enhance their understanding of our products and strengthen our partnership through knowledge-sharing initiatives.

Led by our team of highly skilled product engineers, this training session was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how our valves work. By teaching the trainees about the internal mechanisms and functionalities of our products, we also provided participants with a unique opportunity to witness the internal working of our valves through cut sections of the products. This aims to equip them with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to valve selection. 

During the training session, we also shed light on the different types of valves offered by AVK Saudi and the specific application segments they are most suitable for. Whether it is water and wastewater management, irrigation, or industrial sectors, with learning about the specific challenges faced in each segment and how our valves address and overcome those challenges effectively. This way, our customers can have a clear understanding of which valve to choose for their specific needs, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency. 

Our commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction extends beyond simply educating our clients about our products. We were eager to address any queries or concerns during the training session to ensure that the attendees benefited from comprehensive knowledge sharing. Our product engineers enthusiastically answered all questions from the trainees, whether they were related to valve specifications, maintenance, installation, or even troubleshooting.

Our training session were conducted in both Arabic and English. To ensured that all participants could fully engage in the training and have a clear understanding of the information being shared. We recognize the importance of effective communication, and by conducting the training in both languages, we aimed to foster inclusivity and provide equal opportunities for all attendees to benefit from the session.

We firmly believe that spreading knowledge among our customers is crucial to building long-lasting relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. By organizing these technical training sessions, AVK Saudi aims to empower our customers to make informed decisions and maximize the value they acquire from our products.

Through these training sessions, we also aim to showcase our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By staying up to date with the latest industry trends and advancements, we are able to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that exceed their expectations.




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