Abha STP Expansion Project

AVK SVMC Contributed in Abha STP Expansion Project.

Abha STP

Abha STP is in Abha city, located in the south of Saudi Arabia with a population of approximately 785,975 people. The city is located on Sarawat mountains at an elevation of 7.450 feet above sea level. Abha STP serves many villages that lie in the mountains with a production power that exceeds 25,000m3.

Wastewater treatment in Abha STP is processed by using MBR Technology, short for Membrane Bioreactor. This technology is a combination of activated sludge treatment technology and micro-filtration/ultrafiltration technology for the biological treatment of wastewater as well as separating the bio-solids from the effluent. Due to the work load on this station increasing substantially, the Ministry of Water and Electricity decided to expand the station with an investment that exceeds 70 million Saudi Riyals in order to accommodate the increasing load and serve wider areas using new technologies that optimizes the sewage treatment process.   

Expect Solutions, Not Just Products

As one of AVK SVMC’s promise to the customers is to expect solutions not just products, AVK SVMC provided the expansion project with solutions that are suitable for the environmental conditions of Abha. AVK SVMC has contributed to the Abha STP expansion project by suppling different sized Butterfly Valves, Dismantling Joints, Gate Valves, Air Valves and more than 150 pieces of Repico products in different sizes, ranging from 88 to 615 mm.

Repico products are supplied by AVK REWAG and are offered as pipe coupling types or repair coupling types for pipe diameters from DN 15mm up to DN 2000mm. Repico products have many advantages such as a quick and simple connection solution for all pipes with a possibility of angular deflection and easy handling due to the compact and lightweight design. They can also be used within the following markets: industry, shipbuilding, gas, sewage, water and firefighting.