Supply Hydrants Series 120 and Synthetic Surface Boxes

AVK SVMC prides itself in being able to provide premium products that meet the market demands and rapid developments in the Kingdom.

AVK innovates their premium products at a very competitive price. There have been two new launches by AVK, the Fire Hydrants (S.120) and the Synthetic Surface Box (S.80).

These products have been supplied to many National Water Company (NWC) projects in Jeddah for the past two years including the Aziziyah district in addition to the execution of the potable water network in the Huda & Shafa plans near the Jeddah Airport area. More than 600 sets of the Fire Hydrants and Synthetic Surface Boxes have been produced and delivered to accommodate these projects. The projects were executed in 2017 by two different contractors, Al-Sabq Al-Arabi Trd. & Contr. Co. and Saudi Lumat Est. for Advanced Contracting.

AVK’s products were delivered and installed early 2018 and were selected for the projects due to their high quality, easy installation and detailed technical information. AVK states with confidence that Al-Sabq Al-Arabi Trd. & Contr. Co. and Saudi Lumat Est. for Advanced Contracting are completely satisfied with the products made. AVK hopes to continue the partnership and work together on other projects in the future.

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