AVK Saudi Valves Manufacturing

Fire Protection

Fire protection installations are essential in societies aiming to protect people, environment,and buildings from uncontrollable fires. Fire fighters must react fast and be efficient in dangerous situations which calls for a reliable water supply and fire equipment.

AVK offers a wide range of hydrants, valves,indicator posts, and accessories for fire protection installations. AVK hydrants are designed to comply with individual market demands and needs focusing on reliable, fast, and efficient operation.

A comprehensive range of fire hydrants and gate valves are produced according to a number of national standards.

The complete fire fighting package complies with international standards and consists of hydrants, NRS post indicator valves, hand wheel operated OS&Y gate valves, post and wall indica-tors, all UL listed and FM approved.

What are UL and FM? And what are the advantages by buying/investing in a UL/FM product?

  • It is your warranty for a safe reliable functioning product.
  • It is your warranty to ensure values and most importantly human lives.
  • It can reduce your insurance costs.
  • It is your insurance that the manufacturer has a minimum of 4 external audits annually.

UL (Underwriters laboratory) Partners with manufactures to provide a safe product through UL testing, certification and manufacture follow up audits 4 times yearly. UL has developed more than 1,000 standards for product safety.

FM (Factory Mutual) is an international leader in third-party certification and approval of Fire Protection Equipment with manufacture follow up audits 4 times yearly. FM approvals offer worldwide certification and testing services of industrial and commercial property loss prevention products. FM approvals certification process assures customers products had been objectively tested and confirms to the highest international and most national standards.