AVK Saudi Valves Manufacturing




Unlike other valves producers, AVK produce its own rubber components in a state of the art rubber mixing facility in Europe. The factory called AVK GUMMI where GUMMI refers to RUBBER in English. Having our own rubber mixing facility, we have a complete control and supervision on the whole process from getting the raw materials until having the final product ready for use, making sure that the rubber components used in AVK valves are produced and meeting the heights standards specifications.

AVK GUMMI do not produce products for AVKs own valves only! But it also produce and develop rubber compounds for food, healthcare and automobile industries where high specifications, long service life and minimum permanent deformation rubbers are needed.In AVK we call the wedge “the heart of the valve” due to its essential rule in valve performance and quality. And here are some unique features and benefits of AVK’s own produced Gate valves rubber wedges at AVK GUMMI:

• Fixed, integral wedge nut sealed with rubber prevents corrosion.

• Double bonding vulcanization process ensures maximum adhesion of the rubber.

• Guide rails with vulcanized wedge shoes ensure low friction and smooth operation.

• Rubber vulcanized to the core with min. 1.5 mm on all pressure bearing surfaces and 4 mm on all sealing surfaces gives optimum corrosion protection.

• Large rubber volume in the sealing area provides optimum sealing.

• Large plain and conical stem hole prevents stagnant water and accumulation of impurities.

• The rubber features an outstanding ability to regain its original shape.

• The rubber is resistant to water treatment chemicals.

• The rubber ensures minimum biofilm formation which prevents contamination of the drinking water.

• The rubber is approved for drinking water applications.